Get to Know Us

Coastal Range Organics

At Coastal Range Organics, we believe in wholesome living for our chickens and turkeys, which is why they’re never treated with antibiotics or growth-enhancing hormones and steroids.

Coastal Range Organics chickens and turkeys are raised on a fully organic diet with all-natural, 100% vegetarian grain feed that does not contain any animal by-products. So our products are just naturally great tasting!

Coastal Range Organics chickens and turkeys are also free-range. They are raised on pesticide-free land, with plenty of room to grow and spread their wings. Our chickens and turkeys live in spacious ranch houses and have access to the outdoors, which allows them to get exercise, fresh air and sunlight.

Each package of Coastal Range Organics carries the USDA Organic seal and is certified organic by a third-party certifying agency. So you can rest assured that the facilities where we process Coastal Range Organics fresh-chicken products adhere to stringent organic production requirements.

At Coastal Range Organics, our dedication to wholesome living means our chickens and turkeys are:

  • Never treated with antibiotics, hormones or steroids
  • Fed 100% organic vegetarian feed without antibiotics or animal by-products
  • Free-range and raised on organic land

So it’s only natural that all Coastal Range Organics products are:

  • Naturally delicious
  • Free of artificial ingredients and preservatives